Great planes - Flitework Extra 300LP Red Bull / 1200mm ARF Stearman Flying Bulls / 12 Rx-R flwa4150

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Manufacturer part number: flwa4150
Manufacturer: Great planes
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Flitework Extra 300LP Red Bull / 1200mm ARF
The Extra 300 LP is one of the brightest stars in the aerobatic skies whose widespread popularity now includes pilots and model pilots alike. Optimal control surfaces have made this model very popular in the fields of both classical and 3-D aerobatics, and its very light but sturdy wooden construction will easily withstand the rigours of aerobatic flight, giving you loads of prolonged enjoyment with the Extra 300 LP.

- Large removable canopy for easy rc-access
- Wings pluggable for better transportability

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 200 mm
Weight from: 1250 g
Length: 1150 mm

RC functions:
Elevator, ailerons, rudder, motor


- Wooden fuselage, wings and tail unit, covered with high quality Red Bull design foil
- Painted fibreglass engine cowl
- Carbon fibre tube wing joiner
- Undercarriage and wheels with fibreglass fairings
- R/C installation accessories and linkages
- Detailed illustrated building instructions

Box Size (Millimeter)

Length 970 / Width 365 / Height 190